S/X Custom Stretchers and Framing

I also offer custom made canvas stretchers and stretching, framing and installation services.  Please inquire, I'd be happy to discuss your project.

Re-purposed Materials

Recently, I have been enjoying re-purposed material projects. Inspired by designs found on the Interent when doing research for an exhibit, I recreated a few pieces.  These are satisfying projects knowing that they have contributed something to the reduction of waste and the 'green' movement. Here's a link about the exhbit:

 I have learned a couple things from these fun projects:                 1.    Not all pallets are created equal, choose carefully.                 2.    Car parts and glass get heavy, plan accordingly.


Being a creative person, my interests go beyond just the canvas. I have professional experience in custom cabinetry, graphic design and a personal interest in furniture design and architecture. Past projects have included hospitality wall décor and furniture to developing marketing materials and packaging.

Shanon Essex

Fine Art & Design




Drawings and illustrations in books, newspapers and comic books had a big impact on my visual development. I was captivated early by a well drawn figure or scene made with a simple pencil, pen or brush. 

Recently I have enjoyed exploring figurative drawing again. I look forward to seeing what these regular drawing sessions produce.